Amelia Lindsey


Assistant Professor, Department of Entomology

Postdoc, Indiana University
PhD, University of California Riverside
BA, San José State University

Twitter: @Amelia_Lindsey, alindsey [at] umn [dot] edu, CV.

I am broadly interested in symbiosis, from mutualism to parasitism, but especially like thinking about complex inter-species interactions that are difficult to place on that spectrum. I try to understand a biological system across different scales and resolutions by connecting genomic and evolutionary data to molecular mechanisms. Wolbachia has grabbed my attention due to the context-dependent nature of its interaction with insects, and the seemingly endless ways it affects insect biology.

Laura Fricke

PhD Student, Entomology

BS, Augsburg University, summa cum laude
Email: frick146 [at] umn [dot] edu

Laura graduated from Augsburg University in 2019 with a Bachelor of Science in biology and a minor in studio art. She is interested in comparative genomics as well as evolutionary developmental biology. Outside of the lab she may be found watercolor painting the natural world.

Cody Thorpe

PhD Student, Entomology

MS, University of Minnesota
BA, University of Minnesota Duluth, cum laude
Email: thorp113 [at] umn [dot] edu

Cody’s research interests are broadly centered around using molecular genetic and microscopy methods to understand the interactions between symbiotic bacteria, other microbes, and their arthropod hosts. He has become interested in Wolbachia not only for its general medical importance, but also for its ubiquitous nature in insects and the many unexplored interactions and phenomenons displayed in its wide host range. Outside of the lab, he enjoys reading fiction novels, novice woodworking, hiking along the north shore, and recreational precision shooting.

Honorary Lab Members


Fostering, Madison WI
Puppy Obedience, Bloomington IN
Small Mammal Alert System Certification, Everywhere

Annie Lyra and Hannah Tubby — named after fly mutants.


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