PI: Amelia Lindsey

Assistant Professor, University of Minnesota, Department of Entomology, Starting July 2020

Postdoc, Indiana University
PhD, University of California Riverside
BA, San José State University
Twitter: @Amelia_Lindsey, amlind (at) iu (dot) edu, CV.

I am broadly interested in symbiosis, from mutualism to parasitism, but especially like thinking about complex inter-species interactions that are difficult to place on that spectrum. I try to understand a biological system across different scales and resolutions by connecting genomic and evolutionary data to molecular mechanisms. Wolbachia has grabbed my attention due to the context-dependent nature of its interaction with insects, and the seemingly endless ways it affects insect biology.


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Honorary Lab Members


Fostering, Madison WI
Puppy Obedience, Bloomington IN
Small Mammal Alert System Certification, Everywhere

Annie Lyra and Hannah Tubby — named after fly mutants.

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